Is your ELD compliant?

The trucking industry has been under a lot of scrutiny over the recent years. There’s been an uptick in accidents and personal injuries, and as a result there’s been an increase in oversight. The FMSCA and companies that rely on trucks to get their products/services to market have been looking much harder at the commercial drivers compliance. Even though these companies have been expecting more productivity from their employees and contractors they still expect drivers to maintain FMSCA compliance. In order to accomplish this task the FMSCA has mandated the implementation of Electronic Logging.

 Specific ELD models that you’re considering need to be on FMCA’s list of registered ELDs. The FMSCA has set requirements for the eligible electronic devices.There is a complete checklist for your review on the FMSCA website.

There is also a list of registered vendors that have self-certified that their devices are compliant with all of the ELD technical specs. Below are the current ELD minimum function requirements.

  • Have separate accounts for both drivers and Admins involved with DOT compliance
  • Must connect to the trucks ECM (engine control module) and provide mechanical details and vehicle feedback
  • Every 60 minutes the ELD needs to automatically record-all driving time-Records date-time-location-engine hours-vehicle miles-driver ID
  • Needs to record the unit location within a one-mile radius during on-duty driving periods
  • When authorized as “personal conveyance” must have a 10 mile radius location accuracy
  • ELD time is synchronized with Coordinated Universal Time
  • Data needs to be stored for the current 24-hour period and the previous 7 consecutive days
  • Prevents tampering of the information collected for ELD records
  • Drivers must be able to review unknown driving time, and confirm wether or not the records belong to the driver
  • Driver needs to be able to obtain a copy of their ELD records either by print or electronic delivery
  • Supports electronic wireless data delivery either by email or bluetooth
  • The displays require standardized data including daily header, grid log showing duty status changes, and detailed daily log data. When printed, the grid log dimensions must be at least 6”x1.5”
  • Driver certification and written explanation for any edits to records that are made by anyone
  • Requires drivers to certify the driver’s records after every 24 hours
  • ELD providers must provide user’s manual, instructions for handling malfunctions and record-keeping during malfunctions, and transferring ELD hours of service records to officials.
  • Volume control or mute option for any audio feature

I’m most cases you are able to use a variety of displays providing they meet the minimum size requirements. Some display units include:

  • Android tablets
  • iOS tablets (iPads)
  • Mobile phones
  • GPS unit

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