Interested in driving for a living? I’ve been in the industry for over 30years and I can tell you there’s plenty of money to be made. If you choose to work for a small company your income options may be limited. However, if you go with a large company you may earn a significantly higher salary. If you want to go the owner operator route you may earn an even higher income. Below I will give you some insight to these 3 options.

Small Company

With a small business in any market your options are limited to the companies income/accountants. If you’re employer is aggressive and always seeking opportunities you may have some upward movement in your income. However, it may not be skyrocketing. Because of the companies costs you may not see the higher gains that you would like to. That being said you may have more wiggle room to negotiate salary with a smaller company.

Large Corps

When it comes to larger companies there’s no real wiggle room for salary. These companies use their structured costs (salaries included) to offer competitive rates for the shipping cost. All these businesses want to do is to fill their lanes with “loaded miles” to maximize the assets contribution. Assets include the equipment and employees(drivers).

Owner Operators

Owner operators tend to make more money as a rule because they get paid a gross amount. This gross amount will include all expenses and required expectations. So in other-wards they need to deliver whatever they were contracted to deliver to wherever they were contacted for at predetermined amount.

National salaries

We used to get an idea as to what the company national averages my be as of this post. Thew range is between $25K-$70k. There’s a significant gap in salary range. This is because of the type of truck driven. and the type of delivery expected from the driver. A majority of the drivers in the southeast are in the $50-60k range. Some make more or less depending on their level of work involved.

Owner operators are on a totally different plain of existence. Their salaries can range from $100K and up. It all depends on their specific contract.

  • Trainees may earn $40k+ a year on average.
  • Class A may earn $60k+ a year on average.
  • OTR Class A drivers may earn $70k+ a year and up.
  • Team class A drivers may earn an average of $71k+ each per year.
  • The average owner operator may earn $200k+ a year or more, but they are responsible for all of their truck/trip expenses.